ORB Pedicure with warm oils and REFRESHING Paraffin Wax ORBserts.

ORB Pedicures are a truly unique experience, warming, relaxing, softening, hydrating effective, pampering and luxurious.

A ‘facial for feet’, the ORB Pedicure delivers the total experience and can be stand alone or added into a polish, gel or acrylic treatment for the ultimate, perfect pedicure. Choose warm oils and paraffin wax skin softening masques – designed for a truly unique experience.

Layer your treatment or keep it simple, either way ORB pedicures are perfect for warming the feet, hydrating and softening the skin.  Better results with increased re book rates.

ORB Pedicure Benefits:

  • Personalised, hygienic single dose product use with inclusion of ORBserts delivering a more ‘bespoke’ service.
  • Intensely hydrating and moisturising for feet and nails.
  • Warm application relaxes feet & reflex points. Deep relaxation enhances the overall client experience.
  • Warm Oil application and wax masque provide luxurious and effective hard skin and heel softening, aiding pain free removal of dry, dead skin.
  • Efficient, hygienic and economical delivery of paraffin wax masque.
  • Skin/cuticle softening and skin conditioning with or without the need for soaking or water treatment.
  • Warm ORB Oil application allows deeper relaxation and release of muscle tension or soreness in feet and legs.
  • Paraffin wax masque eases arthritic conditions.